Best fishing spots in Mackay

Best fishing spots in mackay

Along with great quality gear and an accurate casting arm, location is key when it comes to fishing. At Sugar City Marine, we live and breathe top-notch fishing, which is why, after much healthy discussion, we’ve come up with our top seven fishing spots in Mackay. As you can guess, it’s not been an easy task – whether you’re into reef fishing, creek fishing, or navigating a headland, Mackay’s pretty phenomenal when it comes to great fishing locations.

We did it though – here are seven of our favourite fishing spots.

What are the best fishing spots in Mackay?

1. Eungella Dam

Eungella Dam is a long established fishery that is incredibly popular. Boasting almost 9 square kilometres of surface areas, Eungella Dam is the place to go if you want some of the best fishing in the Mackay region. With a boat ramp making access super easy, you will find the Dam filled to the brim with Barramundi, Sooty Grunter, Sleepy Cod, and Saratoga, to name just a few species. The Dam was built in 1969 and is a great fishing spot if you want to try your hand at catching some sizeable fish.

2. Pioneer River

For those who like to combine an adventure with angling, Pioneer River is the perfect fishing spot in Mackay for you. Accessible via foot or kayak, you can choose anywhere along the river to spend your day. Cast your lines anywhere along the river to have a good chance at catching some Bream, Trevally or Flathead, or head to some of the fishing platforms at Forman Bridge or River Street if you’re looking for a bigger haul. Don’t forget to pack your swimmers as you will surely want to take a dip in the crystal clear waters during the heat of the day.

3. Alligator Creek

Alligator Creek is a popular local fishing spot located between Mackay and Sarina. It’s the perfect spot to fish high or low tide, making it perfect if you have some spare time and you are planning to fish all day. You can walk along the beach to the mouth of the creek, where you’re sure to find popular fish such as Whiting and Bream. The creek is a great option if you want to spend a day fishing with your family as there is plenty of space for the kids and dogs to run around while you get some angling in.

4. Hay Point

A great option if you’re looking for some offshore or coastal beach fishing. Hay Point can be found just south of Mackay. It’s an area that is known for its coal terminals, but it is also just as well known as the spot to fish for some fantastic blueys. Stay close to the rocky outcrops of the mainland or take your boat and head out to some popular fishing hot spots like Snare Peak just off the coast. You’ll find plenty of Cod, Sweetlip, Red Emperor, and Coral Trout.

5. Kinchant Dam

Set in the stunning Pioneer Valley, Kinchant Dam is just 41 kilometres west of Mackay. It’s a freshwater fishing spot that’s packed with sooty grunter, eel-tail catfish, fork-tail catfish, sleepy cod and some awesome barramundi. This is a popular place, so having a trailer is a real beneficial if you want to find the best spot.

Kinchant Dam is a real draw for families and weekend campers too – there’s a great family park and BBQ area. Weekdays are your best bet if you want to enjoy the best fishing Kinchant Dam has to offer.

6. Sandy Creek

If you head south from the city, after about 20 minutes you’ll discover Sandy Creek. As well as being a stunner of a spot, Sandy Creek is brimming with barramundi and salmon, so setting up your lines will bring a handsome reward.

As well as being a real beauty spot, Sandy Creek is known for crabbing. If you set up a few pots at the start of your day, you can be sure of a feast a few hours later. All in all, Sandy Creek makes for a great day’s fishing.

7. Constant Creek

Constant Creek has a public boat ramp, so it’s the perfect place to launch your tinnie for the maximum catch. It’s a short drive from Mackay – about 28 minutes at last count. Just head towards Seaforth and Cape Hillsborough.

In terms of haul, you can find barras near the mouth of the creek and you might even get lucky and nab yourself a salmon at the deeper bends, as well as fingermarks and mangrove jacks. We reckon this spot is one of the best near Mackay – maybe even the best in Queensland!

8. Teemburra Dam

Constructed in 1977, Teemburra Dam has a 10 square kilometre surface area and is the ideal fishing spot for those who enjoy seclusion. This peaceful location is extremely serene and calming, with a number of coves and inlets that add to the overall charm of the setting. Located just 50 kilometres west of the city of Mackay, fishermen will be pleased to find an extensive array of natural life to observe in this area. Teemburra Dam is renowned for barramundi and sooty grunter.

9. Seaforth

A popular fishing spot amongst locals, Seaforth and its creeks are a must-visit. One of the most unique aspects of Seaforth and its creeks is the diversity of fish available, making the location extremely special. Fishermen can expect to catch bream, flathead and whiting in the beach areas and salmon, barra, jacks and grunter within the many creeks. There is more to be found at this location, with the fish moving into the mangroves in the estuaries at high tide, meaning that there is the opportunity to catch barramundi, queenfish, jacks, giant salmon, golden trevally and ribbonfish too.

10. Mackay Marina

If you’re hoping to take part in some saltwater fishing, Mackay Marina is the ideal fishing spot. There is a wide range of fish available for you to catch, including dart, golden trevally, mackerel, tuna and queenfish. The fish in Mackay Marina are renowned for being large, so we would strongly recommend you bring suitable equipment with you. This includes lots of lines, a big reel and 60-100lb mono leaders to make sure you’re able to reel any fish in once you catch them.

11. Cattle Creek

If you’re looking for a picturesque fishing spot surrounded by natural beauty, Cattle Creek is a must-visit. Located near Finch Hatton, Cattle Creek is mostly known for its pretty waterfalls and its rainforest that many go scuba diving in. Scooty grunter is the most popular fish that you will catch at this location, especially if you limit yourself to the shallow areas of Cattle Creek. We would recommend that you keep an eye out for any good holes around the Cattle Creek area as it is usually here that you will be able to catch bigger fish.

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